CRI opens new green charcoal production factory!

Production building

The next time you find yourself in north Haiti, Carbon Roots International would like to invite you to visit our biochar and green charcoal production center in Quartier Morin on the outskirts of Cap-Haitien!  We have an 9 acre plot of land where we are working on all sorts of awesome projects, such as green charcoal briquette production, biochar test gardens with local crops, and even the two cutest guard puppies you’ve ever seen!

Under the supervision of our Site Coordinator, Ben Gonel Ambroise, CRI completed construction of our large, open-air briquetting building this past June.  Here, six days a week, our staff members produce our “Charbon Vert” green charcoal briquettes using a variety of press technologies and techniques.  We have rehabilitated an abandoned structure to construct a storage depot for safe keeping of our equipment and inventory.  All construction on our property rehabilitates old buildings as opposed to building new ones, so we can be sure en minimize our local impact and our consumption of construction materials!

Our Chief of Biochar Investigations, Saint-Ano Jean-Louis, began planting biochar test gardens on our site in July.  Beginning with a rigorous study of biochar’s effects on various strains of tomatoes, we’ve expanded to five different biochar trial plots on our site, testing cassava, papaya, peppers, and peanuts.

Crew poses after planting tree

Through a generous contribution from our partners at USAID, we’ve planted nearly 300 local species of trees throughout our project site.  Site Coordinator Ben Gonel Ambroise has a degree in landscape architecture and ensured that the tree planting will not only ensure the healthy growth of our almond, mango, palm, and pine trees, but that they will also be arranged throughout the property in an aesthetically pleasing way!

SOIL, a Haitian-based compost production organization, recently provided us with a brand new composting toilet for our site.  We’re excited to reduce our waste impact and begin to produce compost to help farmers throughout the region sustainably improve their crop yields.

So let us know next time you’re in the neighborhood and visit us at our project site.  And be sure to meet our site security guards Jean and Anius, who both have just about the biggest smiles every day.  Fair warning: there’s a good chance Jean will try to hug you when you meet him!