WATCH: Carbon Roots Featured on Haitian Travel TV Show

In June we were visited by Frere Joel Trimble, a longtime resident of Haiti who produces and hosts a Haitian travel show with his wife, called La Bonne Nouvelle.  Frere Joel and his wife Yvonne spent several days shooting at our site and around Cap-Haitien, and just released the Okap (a Creole nickname for Cap-Haitien) episode.  Check out Ryan show off his Creole skills!

La Bonne Nouvelle is seen on Haitian TV by over 2 million Haitians!  The exposure is great for our Chabon Vet product.  We also really love the way Frere Joel and Yvonne show a different side of Haiti than you normally see on TV—a country full of color, laughter, good food and beautiful vistas.