Cheaper. Cleaner. Better.

Made in Haiti from agricultural waste instead of tree wood, our green charcoal fuel briquettes burn hotter and cleaner than traditional wood charcoal, cost less, and unlike many cookstoves and alternative fuel technologies, green charcoal doesn’t require a change in stove or cooking methods.

Green charcoal briquettes in BBQ

To produce green charcoal, CRI purchases agricultural waste from local farmers and small-scale processors, and transports it to a production factory in northern Haiti where the waste is carbonized into charcoal dust.  This dust is then mixed with binding agents, pressed into briquettes using commercial machinery, and dried until hard and durable.  Finally, the green charcoal is packaged and sold under the Chabon Boul brand name at retail boutiques, wholesalers, and through a growing network of independent women retailers.

The production and adoption of green charcoal reduces reliance on traditional wood-based charcoal, which is one of the primary drivers of deforestation in the developing world, while also creating new jobs in rural areas.  Farmers earn new income by monetizing their agricultural waste; women charcoal retailers offer a highly competitive product, enjoy higher profit margins, and develop business skills; and charcoal customers have access to a cleaner, cheaper, and viable alternative to traditional wood charcoal.